About Stickley Stitches


My name is Debbie Stickley and I'm crazy about all things crafted from needle and thread. From a young age I could be found knitting,sewing and baking with my Nan.

I have been an artisan for as long as I can remember, gaining a reputation for the bizarre and perfectionism along the way! I'd like to make rainbow tights for adults. Why should children have all the cool tights? I ask you?

People may think that I'm bonkers but I love what I do and I'm doing what I love. So all is O.K.

With the support of My friends and Family I have started Stickley Stitches as a way to share my passion for all that is handmade. I Hope you will join me on this exciting journey and become just as crazy as me! :-))

Why not check out my Design Portfolio here to see what I've already done, or pop into our Web Store to pick up some handmade goodness of your own.

Thank You for stopping by.