Wool Week - Day 4 Continued

Thursday, 17 October 2013

I think it must be one of those weeks.

Another morning spent in Minor Injuries with Baby Girl Stickley, the same poorly arm that does seem to be improving now. Thank Goodness!

I did however manage to get some knitting done, Yippee!

I was purposely saving the challenge of Entrelac. Although I had found the most straight forward instructions I could. I had read the instructions several times, again and again. Each time I felt maybe I was being a bit ambitious to learn this all by my self.
Armed with lots of inspiration from the web I embarked on learning the technique. I had decide  to use a variegated yarn that I had left over from a previous project and thought a cushion cover was a safe bet as they are fairly straight forward with simple square shape lending it's self well to entrelac.

My fears appear to be unfounded as it is much easier to understand the instructions when you are actually following them. Once I had cast on and done the foundation row, I was then able to move onto the first complete row of squares. When these were completed everything fell into place. It was already beginning to look like all the pictures. Yey!
Unfortunately that's as far as I got, but I'm already planning what to do next.

Maybe these socks from Revelry called Lonely Socks Club: Entrelac Sock by Natalia Vasilieva
Image source www.ravelry.com

Or even a shrug, but which one? Oh decisions, decisions! Ummmm......????
Image source Annie's e-pattern central
Image source Plymouth Yarn Company inc

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