Wool Week - Day 2 continued

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

What an interesting day. I love being pleasantly surprised by something. Especially when your expecting something to be complicated. So I showed you all what was on the menu for today here.

So today's skill was to make a Mobius Cowl Scarf.

I first came across the concept in a knitting magazine a couple of years ago, although I'm not sure it was a true Mobius. I wanted to learn how to make the real deal.

The internet has lots of different patterns, with many different stitch patterns. I decided that this seamed like a tricky task to tackle so i look for something that had a basic stitch to give me change to really get to grips with what i was doing.
Image source www.knitculture.com
I decided on this lovely pattern form Knit Culture.
it was free to download.Thank You.
I like how simple the pattern was to follow and it gave all the information necessary to get started. I especially like that they had included a link to a you tube video from Cat Bordhi explaining very clearly how to cast on.

How did I get on?

It appears that the key to a Mobius scarf is all in the cast on. Get that right and your 90% of the way there. I knew the scarf has a twist in it so expected it to be very complicated to get started. But to my pleasant surprise it was easy. I'm fairly sure it was all thanks to Cat's great tutorial.

Once I had cast on and knitted the first round that was it. I was away knitting and purling as directed. One thing it is worth noting is that after casting on, you need to knit the first round otherwise all of the stitches you just took ages making will just unravel!!! That's a lot of stitches, 152 times 2 to be exact.

I would say that if you use different wool to that stated in the pattern, it is worth doing a tension swatch. As my Mobius isn't quite the same measurements as the pattern suggests it should be!
Entirely my fault, but I couldn't wait to get started. What's A girl to do?!

So all in all a successful experiment. I think I might make another one. Possibly with a lacy stitch even, just to shake things up a bit.
Come back tomorrow to see what else we have in store. Oh the excitement of it all!

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