Wool week - Day 1 Continued

Monday, 14 October 2013

So this morning I showed you what I was going to play with today. Do you remember? If not refresh your memory here.

I decided to use Wool week as an excuse to try out some new techniques I've been meaning to have a go at since I can remember. The only rules were:
  • to use yarn with a high content of wool.
  • the finished item was useful in some way.

Today's skill was Double Knitting.

I have vague memories of double knitting when I was a child growing up with my Nan. But strangely enough, if I recall correctly, It was was my Dad doing the double Knitting.

I scoured the web for a pattern I liked. (Because we all know how important that is!) When I happened across this little beauty.
Image source www.lucyneatby.com

It's called the Paintbox Double Knit Scarf from Lucy Neatby Designs. After purchasing the pattern, away we go. Or so I thought!

To start with It called for a "tubular cast on?" Thankfully Lucy's pattern is very informative. It contains brilliant descriptions and diagrams for ALL of the techniques needed to complete the scarf. But if you are at all unsure, Lucy has produced lots of tutorials on you tube to demonstrate each of the techniques called for. All in all definitely worth $7.

How Did I Get On?

Casting on was an experience, to say the least. I found it took several attempts to get it just right. Lucy to the rescue again with a fantastic tutorial. It's a little fiddly when your not used to it. But as with any knitting, once you get into the rhythm it get's easier. Then it was time to actually get knitting.
To begin with I really had to think about what I was doing.but again when I got into a rhythm it made so much sense and seamed  to come naturally.

This pattern has been so much fun and it made learning new skills really enjoyable.

Come back later in the week to see what my version looks like.

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