When Harry met The Stickley's!

Saturday, 14 September 2013

My blogging really hasn't gotten off to a good start. Clearly starting a business and a blog during the summer holidays was not my smartest move.
Now it's almost half way through September with a definite chill in the air. The children are back at school, so hopefully we can get back into some sort of routine and start getting things done!
Or at least that was the idea!

Meet Harry, the newest addition to our family. 
He is a 3 year old Amazon Parrot. He's beautiful but such a distraction!

Harry is my Husband's 30th birthday present and is amazing.

He's been living with us now for just over a week and settling in slowly, getting used to our crazy home. Now I knew parrots could be noisy but he even eats noisily!
Never the less I can sit and talk to him, or maybe that should be talk with him for ages! Some days it seams he has so much to say he can't speak fast enough wittering away incoherently,  whilst others he so precise in what he says, requesting a game of peek a boo as he hides behind the doors of his cage. Its so funny as he bobs his head up, thinking you had no idea where he was. He loves the attention, but then who wouldn't?

His favourite food is blueberries. He will quite happily sit and eat a whole tray if you let him. So he has expensive  taste! We are trying to educate him in the vast array of fruit we have to offer him. Grapes are out, he won't even try. Apples are a maybe but only if you peel it first, the slightest hint of skin and he acts as if it's not there. As for Banana's they are most defiantly out. He seems to prefer the idea of biscuits when the children have one. But not just a piece, the whole digestive. What a cheeky boy.

With all this parrot activity in the house our new addition is making himself known and ensuring he gets his needs met. 

That being said I'm having so much fun bonding with him that unfortunately between looking after the children and being back at work and him being a time waster, there hasn't been much time for anything else!

As I'm writing this I'm watching Harry in the bottom of his cage talking to my youngest with her Daddy. It's such a lovely sight. Bless. That really makes up for all the unwanted phone ringing a la Harry immitating skills!

So what stops you from working on things you enjoy doing, whatever they  may be?

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